10.10 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi

10.10 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi is one of the top internet service providers in the Philippines. The Piso Wi-Fi creates the PISONET, an arcade-style internet. In just a few years after its founding in 2017, Piso Wi-Fi became well-known. With this arrangement, users can use pennies to access the internet.

One may argue that the phrase “one-peso internet” has significance thanks to PISONET. In 2017, Piso Wi-Fi replaced PISONET, which started in 2011. This service is offered through a vending machine. You can use coins to rent out this internet service. There is the Piso-Wi-Fi service for those who cannot afford expensive internet packages or who wish to save money on internet service.

What is For?

10.10 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi

When wireless access connects to the internet, the IP address of is the local side of the connection. This particular address appears in the TCP/IP network gateway settings upon a client device joining a local area network (LAN). If you wish to know if a widget on your local Network uses, you can use the ping utility.

How to Access lbp Piso Wi-Fi?

To enter the Administration Panel using, follow these steps:

  1. Open an internet browser.
  2. In the address bar, type or 10.0 0.1
  3. A login page will emerge, asking you to enter your username and password.
  4. Enter the username and password (user & 123456789).
  5. You will now connect the administration panel of your router.

Access data for Xfinity and LPB Piso Wi-Fi

  • Brand User Default password
  • LPB Piso Wi-Fiadminadministrator123456789admin1234
  • Xfinity/com cast admin Password

How to Generate Access Codes for your Wi-Fi flat Network with

To provide a secure and controlled connection to your guests on your Wi-Fi flat Network, you can generate temporary access codes through the router’s configuration page using the IP address This article will show you how to access the configuration page and generate access codes for your Wi-Fi home network in simple steps.

  1. To access the router’s configuration page, open your web and type “” in the search bar.
  2. Enter your login credentials (by default, the username is “admin,” and the password is “123456789”, although you may have already changed these credentials).
  3. Look for the “access code generation” section on the Piso Lpb configuration page and Set the time duration of the access codes (for example, 24 hours).

What Is IP Address

10.10 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi

The private or local IP address is The address of your router,, which the networked computers will use to send data requests over the internet, is also known as LAN IP, intranet IP, and private network IP. A public IP address can be found on your router. Your ISP and any website you visit utilize the public IP address to send data to your router, which then sends that data back to your PC using the private IP address.

One of the more common IPs for routers to use as login addresses is It should be noted that the revert IP access search varies depending on the router brand, and users are typically permitted to change the default address.

Login Process of The Lpb Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time

There is no hack or simple access code. Anyone can log in to 10.10 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time by following the methods provided below, which are straightforward to follow.

  1. Enter http://10.10 0.1 or 10.10 0.1 in the search box of your preferred web browser.
  2. The login page looks on your screen with fields for your username and password.
  3. Use the username and password default login by moving the login procedure forward.
  4. The user will be logged into the 10.10 0.1 piso Wi-Fi admin panel after entering their user ID and password and pressing the login button.
  5. Users can customize their preferences by changing the LAN and WAN settings, password, username, and other Wi-Fi options. Piso Wi-Fi pause Time Machine

The Piso Wi-Fi pause service is made possible by a Piso Wi-Fi pause time Machine that users can rent to provide internet access to others. Piso Wi-Fi pause time Machine has gained popularity in a short period because of its unique approach to internet access, which provides a cost-effective and accessible option for people who may not be able to afford traditional internet services.

How Can I Configure the 10.10 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time?

10.10 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi

Everyone who logs in can use the internet’s services. So, the user needs to link it to the Piso Wi-Fi hotspot. The user must scan the QR code for the 10.10 0.1 piso Wi-Fi lab to do this.

A Piso Wi-Fi QR code may be found here on the Internet utility box, and in addition to it, a QR code on Google can be found. This procedure is crucial because you can quickly connect to the internet using a QR code scanner.

Characteristics of the 10.10 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time

The following characteristics set Piso Wi-Fi apart from competing services:

  1. The daily internet usage allowance under Piso’s wifi-free plan is 15 minutes. You can link more than four devices with one account as well.
  2. Procedures for canceling and registering are relatively simple. Anyone in the Philippines using a roaming service can access this internet service by entering their mobile number.
  3. Because it offers a high-speed internet connection, you can access the subscription plan and free program elements.
  4. You can link more than nine devices from one account using their subscription plan services.

Benefits of Using Of 10.10 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time

The benefits of using Piso Wi-Fi include:

Using the Wi-Fi service is pretty simple, and the Piso offers cheap service compared to other providers. The success of Piso has also allowed it to provide services outside of the Philippines, so customers from other countries can still use its services.

Some main points to keep in mind while operating Piso Wi-Fi:

  • You cannot use all of Piso Wi-Fi’s features if you don’t have the necessary expertise. Read these crucial guidelines to utilize Piso Wi-Fi fully.
  • To access the Piso Wi-Fi, always enter the code.
  • By using the IP and the Piso Wi-Fi stop duration, it is possible to reduce the internet’s bandwidth temporarily.
  • Even if consumers choose not to utilize the internet, this function encourages them to do so.

How to Reset Piso Wi-Fi Router?

Observe these instructions to reset the Piso Wi-Fi:

It would help if you hit the reset button, which is located on the router’s rear. Pin it using a paper clip for 30 seconds, and press the reset button to turn it off. After waiting for the router to turn back on, release the button.

How Do You Change The Piso Wi-Fi Network Password?

Use these methods:

  1. To access the website, make sure your Wi-Fi is working.
  2. When you input your username and password, a login window will appear.
  3. Go to the left menu, choose “Gateway,” then “Connection,” and then “Wi-Fi.”
  4. See your wireless Network’s name here by visiting the private Wi-Fi network area.
  5. Choose the edit option available when your Wi-Fi network name is highlighted.
  6. The network password area will open by clicking Create a password.
  7. A new password enter and save.


Router companies use the IP as their routers’ default gateway to access the Administration Panel. It is mainly used as the default gateway on the LPB floor. Please do not confuse it with this is the wrong version. use to access the Administration Panel of some routers to make specific changes to the router settings, including wireless settings, security settings, LAN settings, etc.

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