Fortnite, a popular multiplayer shooter and building game, has a subculture among younger players and millions worldwide. As a Fortnite streamer, you must market yourself and your stream uniquely to attract views and gain an edge over competitors.

Choosing The Right Platform

Firstly, you have to choose the platform where you will be streaming. Twitch is the most famous streaming platform, but recently some alternatives have also picked up. YouTube has also launched a dedicated streaming service for gamers called YouTube Gaming. You can also stream regularly by going live on YouTube. Facebook has also dipped its toes in the pond with Facebook Gaming.

Each platform offers unique rewards and incentives for streamers so you have to see which one suits you best. You may choose a well-known platform but others may offer more monetization with better pay rates. So you have to consider these before you start streaming.

Social Media Presence

It goes without saying that an active social media presence is crucial for streamers on the internet. Social media is the place where you will provide updates to your audience regarding streams, other events and communicate with them on a range of topics. Both long-time and new fans will use social media to know about your activities and upcoming streams.

For this purpose, consider creating official pages and accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can use these to update your audience regarding your streams, special events, and other happenings in your life.

You can also create a special YouTube account for stream highlights and Videos on Demand. Game montages, special highlights, and short clips from your streams can go here which have the potential to go viral. These will also work to bring more viewers to your streams.

Use Posters To Advertise Streams

People react better to visual content over text, and as such, you will use posters and other graphical content to offer updates and advertise streams. You can create special posters considering that there are many templates available now. Moreover, you can use an online designer such as PosterMyWall to create these posters without the hassle of installing software.

VTuber Ninomae Ina’nis used such a poster to advertise a stream where she was going to play Fortnite with other streamers. She used a character from the game, the logo, and portraits of other collaborators in the poster.

Use Banners

Custom-made banners for your streaming accounts set you apart and also inform your audience regarding your streams and niche instantly. A well-designed banner catches the eye and compels the audience to check your account out as compared to a plain-looking account.

Most Twitch streamers have these banners displayed on their profiles which makes them instantly recognizable and also contributes to the development of their brand. You can create these banners easily in the designing software of your choice.

You can also use various online designing services such as PosterMyWall for this purpose which come with hundreds of premade twitch banner templates. Using a template significantly reduces the amount of effort needed to make a banner and you can end up with a professionally designed stream banner within a few minutes.

The example down below shows a Twitch banner that a streamer used for their profile. The designer created the banner mimicking the designs used in Fortnite at various moments. As a Fortnite streamer, you too can create something similar for your profile.

Use Banners

Engage Your Audience

As a streamer, one of the best things you can do is make your audience feel as if they are wanted and appreciated. They are more likely to return and may also bring their friends to watch your future streams.

Respond to people in the chat in your stream, give them shout-outs, thank people who donate subscriptions and the like, etc are some things you can try out. Your streams will feel livelier and your audience is likely to engage with you more if you respond to their messages.

Collaborate With Established Streamers And Personalities

As you grow as a streamer and build a fanbase, you can reach out to some of the more established names in the industry and ask them for collaborations and such. This is a great way to increase your audience beyond your existing viewership. It can go both ways as you can give them some exposure as well.

As you start out, you will likely get the attention of streamers who are in a slightly heavier weight class than yours instead of the bigger names in the industry. But as you grow and become bigger, so will you attract the more famous names as well. Many of the biggest gaming streamers in the industry are near-masters at their games which is why many people watch their games.

In addition to streaming, put in some hours offline in learning the game and getting good at it, so when you do stream, you can hold your own against other players. Your audience is much more likely to take you seriously if you are skilled at the game you are playing. By doing so and following the tips given in this article, you can promote yourself in an effective way and draw in a large audience. Give them a good time and they will return to your future streams growing your channel and making you a successful Fortnite streamer.