This post is the second portion of a series absorbed on improving the quality of life of hard-working entrepreneurs. In the first part, we provide five self-care tips for professionals; but all help is tiny, so we have decided to expand them with a few more.

More Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

More Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

Previously, we have touched on time management before and after sleeping, hours of rest, the need to go outside, physical exercise, and the importance of active breaks during work.

Below we will review other routines and activities that will prevent your physical and intellectual exhaustion. Quemarse, the famous burnout that they say in English, is a possibility that is there and that you should avoid at all costs.


This advice is especially true for anyone working alone, but it’s crucial for everyone. It is because carrying the burden of entrepreneurship alone is sometimes quite tricky.

When we end the day without communicating with anyone other than customer or suppliers, we give our partners, family, and friends our all. Of course, a part needs to be shared, but without monopolizing the conversation with professional topics.

Some details of our entrepreneurial life are challenging to convey to you. So it can help you a lot to work in a coworking space with other people who understand your situation. You should also maintain contact with your colleagues, not necessarily to solve work problems, but to chat.

You Can (And Should) Say NO

Certain boundaries should not be cross, and red lines are part of the business design. They relate to strategic, operational and ethical aspects at work. Anything outside these parameters should be avoided, and you should refuse to practice it without feeling bad about it.

There is a limit to which you can rest assured, i.e., there are projects that simply cannot be cover at this time. There’s always that fear, that moment when you’re like, “I’m up, but what if next month I’m not?”

Don’t cheat and try to be realistic: taking too much is a risk to the quality of the work itself.

Other scenarios are when you either have to say no because the project itself doesn’t align with your values or because the client or partner doesn’t offer you any guarantees. It will lead to awkward situations in the medium term, but you have to remember that as an entrepreneur, you have an immense opportunity to decide for yourself what you do and when.

Look at you with Better Eyes

You must have made a lot of mistakes. You sit down, and there are hundreds of things you should have done differently and tasks that didn’t get done.

All of this creates tremendous fear. You punish yourself and ask for more than is necessary. Stop, breathe. Do you recall the reasons that led you to do this? One of them certainly didn’t have a boss to push you beyond reasonable limits. So don’t tell me it’s not paradoxical that you turn into that character you fled from.

The key is to be more forgiving, allow for mistakes, and focus on the solution instead of wallowing in failure. Learn from your mistakes and make your company stronger.

Eat and Hydrate

It is one of the pillars of self-care for anyone, entrepreneur or not. We are already saying that running a business is an enriching task, but with significant stress peaks. In addition, anxiety greatly influences certain behaviors, such as compulsive eating.

Add to this the fact of going all day in a hurry from here to there, eating anything in front of the computer or the way to a meeting.

I would recommend that you spend some time on the weekend cooking. Prepare a few Tupperware with simple recipes: pasta, vegetables, chicken. That will keep the need to eat a last-minute hamburger or pizza at bay.

Eliminate sugary snacks and juices from your reach. When anxiety hits on the door, the first thing that comes in is industrial pastries, salty snacks such as chips, and other ultra-processed foods that calm us down for a while but are very harmful to the body because they are full of saturated fats and unnecessary calories.

Replace them with fresh fruit or a trickle of nuts, providing fiber and good fats and filling you up.

I am speaking of hydrating. Drink water. The human body is estimated to lose around 3 liters per day and does not recover if it is not through water intake. In addition, dehydration directly affects your performance at work and generates a feeling of discomfort that can go unnoticed.


Don’t take all the responsibility. Nobody can be a ninja 24 hours a day or do everything in their business. The things that are not your specialty suppose an excessive effort that, in addition, increases your anxiety.

If the business grows, it will require people to trust. Let them take responsibility and don’t constantly check their work. That does not free you or allow that worker to grow.

Please take it as an opportunity to balance your workload, leaving you time for other more strategic tasks and getting home at a reasonable hour, resting on weekends, or going on vacation knowing that everything is in order. Delegating and doing it well makes us all more productive.


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