Error Code: e4302  – If you are an user, you must have or had come in contact with the error code: e4302. Don’t panic when such an error hits you. This article discusses this error, its causes, and how to fix it quickly. is an online verification company where people can submit their details and get Level 2 Identity and authentication assurance through digital credentials. Users are required to submit their details through the application. But the verification process on the app could be more straightforward as you may encounter numerous errors such as e4301, e4302, and 24303. These error codes are related to unsuccessful verification.

What Is Error Code: e4302?

What Is Error Code e4302

Error Code: e4302 may display while trying to verify your identity online. It could be that your federal ID is expired or your state ID is outdated. If you have yet to upload the front and back of your documents, your application could reject, and you will face this error. The message is generally: “We couldn’t verify your identity: Error Code: E4301”.

Then there is more to this error than what is just said above. For example, you can face the error code: e4302 when you upload your documents in the wrong category. Therefore, error code: e4302 generally indicates that you did not update back-and-forth images of your documents or chose the wrong type while updating your expired federal or state ID.

What are the Sources of Error Code: e4302?

Apart from what was said earlier, there are many other reasons why error code: e4302 may occur. These include the following:

  • You could have uploaded an improper selfie, which probably wasn’t correctly captured and submitted.
  • You must have made approximately typographical errors while filling out forms
  • Your documents must have been unclear/unreadable
  • You must have set an incorrect address
  • You might have verified your identity already with
  • You must have placed an incorrect phone number
  • Your account might moreover have a locked or frozen credit report
  • You may be answered a security question wrongly
  • Together your state and federal ID must have been outdated

How to Solve Error Code: e4302?

Now we are at the real deal. First, let us talk about how to fix the error code: e4302 on

Unlike other internet banking problems, which have many solutions, there is only one way to solve the error code: the e4302 issue on And also, this is to keep trying and trying until it is solved. And while going for the next attempt, ensure you have checked everything from A-Z. Also, ensure you upload all your documents correctly and be careful though typing to avoid typographical errors, especially in your Name, Address, and Phone Number.

Remember the error message specifies a mistake while uploading your ID and documents. There this is a self-mistake that can fix when you are extra careful.

Here are some Steps to Solve error code: e4302 on

  • Check for and correct mistakes when providing names, phone numbers, and addresses.
  • Check for the data you entered and ensure it matches what is on your earlier submission of your documents.
  • Ensure you upload your identification information before verifying your identity if anything has changed (that should solve it).

To solve any mistake, use the steps below to secure your account :

  • Select “Retry,” then choose either the initial or alternate verification method.
  • Verify that the data you entered and the information on your document correspond.

Furthermore, in most cases, especially when using online banking services like, providing your info online should not be challenging. You can follow the method below to retrieve your ID.

But if you recently changed your name, phone number, address, or other personal information, you might face some issues. So keep trying and ensuring you correctly put your information because this is the most straightforward approach to solving the error code: e4302.

When you try the different verification processes, you have to try one last solution: contacting’s customer service portal to recognize if they can help you get your identification to update your current document. For example, suppose you recently reformed your identification information.

Upload a certificate showing a whole date of birth. Else, your online document verification will now be a procedure.

You type your name precisely as it appears on your certificate. Your date of birth must come in the DD/MM/YYYY format.

Quick reminder:

There will be no error code: e4302 unless you make a mistake. I will verify your account. So continue to check your online documents and information for typos or wrongly uploaded information/documents causing you this issue.

This article will help you resolve the Error Code: e4302 problem and go through the verification process without hassle. However, if you still get the same error code, try contacting a trusted partner and submit the document in person.

FAQ on Error Code: e4302

According to Google trends, these are the frequently asked questions on error code: e4302

1. Why can’t I verify my identity?

You may have answered a security question wrongly, your credit report may have been frozen or locked, your profile may contain information having errors, or you may have already verified with

2. How can I prove my identity?

You can verify your identity by DBS checks, Biometric residence pass collection, Document certification, Driving license renewals, Provisional driving licenses, International driving permits, and many more.

3. Can I call to verify my identity?

As long as you are signed in, you can choose to verify your identity with a video selfie or a video chat with an agent on live chat.

4. Can I delete my account and make a new one?

Yes. But when you delete your account, you will have to wait seven days before creating a new one with the same information. It is because the information in the previous version cannot recover, and you will have to provide all vital information to reverify.

5. How long does it take to verify an account?

You can verify in a few minutes, but sometimes, when a manual review of your account is necessary, it may take longer. Once reviews your document, you will get an email update telling you your verification status and what to do next in case it is unsuccessful.


You must have faced the frustration attached to meeting error code: e4302. But reading this article, you must have known what this error is and the apparent causes. When you follow the steps in this article, you can untangle yourself. Remember, keep trying.