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Mosquito Killer Machine Write for Us, Guest post, and Submit Post

Mosquito Killer Machine Write for Us

Mosquito Killer Machine Write for UsA mosquito killer machine is also called a bug zapper, an electrical discharge insect control system, an electric insect killer, or an insect electrocution trap, which is a device that may attract and kill flying insects or mosquitoes by drawing through the light. A light source that attracts insects to an electrical grid, where they are attached by touching the two wires with a voltage between them. A Zap sound is produced when the mosquito gets stuck to the machine.

Design of Mosquito Killer Machine

Mosquito killer machines are usually hosted in a protective plastic cage or grounded metal bars to prevent people or large animals from touching the high-voltage enclosure. A light source is situated inside, that is, the fluorescent lamp designed to emit ultraviolet and visible light so it can be visible to the insects for attraction. New models now use long-life LEDs to produce the light. Bare wire grids surround the light source. The distance between adjacent wires is typically 2mm.

A high-voltage power supply powered by wall power has been used, which may be used as a circuit made with capacitors and diodes that generate a voltage of 2 kilovolts. This is high enough to conduct through an insect’s body that bridges the two grids but insufficient for the spark across the air gap. Suffieinct flows through the small body of an insect to heat it to a high temperature. The power supply and the arrangement is that it cannot drive a dangerous current through the human body.

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