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Open Office Write for Us

Open Office Write for UsOpen Office is commonly called open, a discontinued available service office suite. Active projects involve Libre Office, which is the most actively developed Office. Apache open office, Collabora online, also called enterprise ready LibreOffice and new Office, which is commercial and available of macOS. Open Office is an open-sourced version of StarOffice, which was earlier sun microsystem released in 1999 for internal use.

Sun opened to service the open office suite in July 2000 as a competitor to the Microsoft Office, which released version 1.0 on 1st May 2002. Open Office involves a spreadsheet, a word processor, a drawing, a presentation, a formula editor, and a database management application. It has a file format opened on the open document format, an ISO or IEC standard that originated with the open office organization.

It was also readen by a wide variety of other file formats with specific attention to whom Microsoft Office. Open office organization was commonly developed for Microsoft Windows, Solaris, and Linux later for OS X with the help of ports to the other operating system. It has been distributed under the GNU lesser general public license. It is also version three of LGPL and the earliest version under the Sun industry standards source license (SISSL).

Features of Open Office

Writer: a word processor which helps to analogous Microsoft Word or word-perfect

Calculator: a spreadsheet analogous the Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3

Impress: a proper presentation program similar to apple keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint. Impress could also be exported presentations to adobe flash files, allowing them to play on any computer when installed with a Flash player. The presentation pamphlets were available on the open office organization websites

Draw: the vector graphics editor is compared in features to the drawing functions in the Microsoft Office.

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