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Samsung S10e Write for Us, Guest post, and Submit a post

Samsung S10e Write for Us

Samsung S10e Write for UsSamsung s10e is a smartphone model in which stands for essential, which means it consists of everything from s10 and s10 plus at a lower price. It has a five-point eight-inch screen, two primary cameras, and a battery for the whole day.

The Samsung Electronics part of the Samsung Galaxy S series releases it. At the time of its release, there were three models launched in a year, even though Samsung launched two models per year, the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Samsung S10 Plus but the S10e is not a 5g model because it’s the fourth model that is Samsung s10 5g is a 5g model.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e looks like the Galaxy S10 Plus, but there are a lot of differences. It gives incredible sharp images that can be taken in different lights with a 16 + 12-megapixel dual camera.

Difference between Samsung S10e and S10

The s10 and s10e have an infinity display, but the s10 has a 6.1-inch screen, giving you a better image than the s10e. The S10 has 16 + 12 +12 megapixels and a triple camera that takes huge-angle pictures. The S10 has a longer battery life than the S10e and an improved performance battery.

They provide all the security features like face recognition and fingerprint to unlock the phone. S10e has a fingerprint scanner, while the S10 has an ultrasonic version, which gives excellent security. S10 has tuned stereo speakers and s10e surround with 3D sound by the AKG tuned earbuds

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