Corporate Video

A creative corporate video is capable of transmitting what we cannot express with words. With it, we send ideas, values, and feelings that allow us to connect with the client more emotionally.

In an era where nearly 80% of global internet traffic is video consumption. Don’t you think it is necessary to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy?

For this, at Milne, we create innovative corporate videos in which we manage to transmit everything necessary to stand out, entertain, excite and, of course, create valuable content! This valuable content is essential to help companies and brands achieve their goals through audiovisual content, generating results for our clients.

Videos are the Future of Digital Marketing

The Internet’s future is already being marked by video playback through Netflix, YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and social networks. If you don’t need to be left behind, take action with these tips to position your company with practical and creative videos:

Connect With your Audience from 10 Seconds

Even less than 10 seconds is enough to capture users’ attention, take them to the end of the content and lead them to other materials of interest. For this to happen, make sure the content loads fast and is short. Thus, you will remain able to capture your audience’s attention instantly.

Your Video Should be Between 5 and 10 Minutes Long

Although this depends on each platform and the company’s communication needs, the ideal is that they are neither too lengthy nor too short. However, short 1-minute videos build branding, while videos longer than 4 generate users’ interest to lead them to a purchase process.

Connect Emotionally with your Followers

If you want to remain in your audience’s memory, generate emotional content and strive to create a moving story using real experiences. The sense of humour, the creation of trends, the opinions and even the tutorials are of great interest to users.

Be Original

Storytelling is one of the trends of the moment. For the same reason, we recommend promoting your brand through unique and creative content. Videos are the primary source of attraction for people since they allow them to transmit emotions and the brand’s culture. In addition, it distracts users with entertaining and educational content.

Remember to use Calls to Action

Relate your CTA to the content you are creating, and drive your audience to the interaction with calls to action with your videos. This resource is adequate for directing her to read a blog post, sign up for a newsletter, follow and share on social media, watch another video, download content, participate in an event, and even take surveys.

Reach your Goals With the Video

For specialists in the audiovisual format, the goals of others are their priority objective, and they are because they know that with video marketing, everything is possible. Attracting potential customers, increasing brand visibility, generating credibility and trust in users, and presenting their products and services to them are goals that every brand wants.

How you want to do it matters a lot for these professionals because it is enough to dream it to make it a reality. If what you want to do is a commercial video to promote your products and services in some medium, you will have it. Or maybe you are simply looking to educate your audience through engaging audiovisual content.

In any case, do Not Forget about Creativity

What is it for you to be creative? At Occam, together with originality, it is our main ingredient. It is not about applying one or the other but finding harmony between the two. Creativity, for its part, uses the value of difference. It is a mental skill that only true professionals can put into practice. New ideas, methods and thoughts turn your videos into something creative. And it is that originality, for its part, provides the value of the unprecedented and the unique.

Do I Make My Videos, or do I Look for an Agency?

Good question. It may be a dilemma that is not letting you sleep but don’t worry. We want to give you some advice to clear up doubts. Specialized agencies are prepared to keep the focus on your goals and solve your problems or needs efficiently. Specialized agencies can be the meeting point between quality and also, the best price.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What can an agency specializing in video marketing offer me that I cannot achieve independently?
  • What experience do you have in implementing strategies of this type?
  • How can you solve my problems?
  • What are the techniques you use in this type of project?
  • Have you worked with other clients in my sector?

Ask your agency, and also, don’t be left with any doubts in the pipeline. You can also create & edit videos online with the help of user-friendly online tools available these days that offer easy-to-edit templates, stock media & music, and a simplistic editing interface that will help you create more videos quickly than ever before. Of course, both selections have pros and cons, but you must assess which option is best for you founded on your circumstances and needs.

The Next Generation of Creativity

Advertising has become increasingly expensive and challenging for companies. With so much competition for attention, the need to stand out is essential. That’s where our ad agency video templates come in. Our videos allow you to showcase your services to potential clients in an engaging way. An advertising agency will often be judge by its advertisements, so you must present yourself well.


What is a corporate video? Talk of corporate videos raises thoughts of glossy promotional videos planned to endorse a brand, product or service (or a mixture of all three). It remains the most familiar format of corporate video and continues to prove highly successful.

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