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ag13 battery write for us

AG13 Battery Write for Us

AG13 Battery is the button cells, watch cell or battery, is the small cell shaped battery which is like a cylinder of 5 to 25mm similar to that of a button. The battery bottom body is a positive terminal made of stainless steel, and the above part is a negative terminal. These AG13 battery used for small electronic devices like pocket calculators and watches.

In the AG13, the wide varieties known as coin cell devices that use the button cell are designed around the cell, which gives long service life, like for about one year in the wristwatch. The high power devices like hearing aids have a zinc-air battery with a high capacity for the given size, but it does not work if it is not used for a long time.

The AG13 Battery is a single cell which is the primary cell. The anode materials are lithium and zinc the cathode materials are silver oxide, manganese dioxide, oxygen, or cupric oxide. The mercuric battery is standard but not presently used because of its toxicity and the effects of the environment of mercury.

Risks of AG13 Battery

Like the AG13 battery, the button cells are beautiful for small kids. They may take and swallow it the battery may cause affect the organs. Internal the battery reacts with fluids like saliva and mucus, which may result in alkali that destroys human tissue.

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ag13 battery write for us

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