Moenime – Watching movies or series has become one of the most common ways for many people to entertain themselves nowadays. Anime is one of the favorite types of shows, especially for many Indonesians. Moenime is a site for streaming and downloading anime that also provides Indonesian subtitles that has recently been gaining popularity due to its free service and the wide array of anime series the site provides.

What Is Moenime?


Moenime is a site that provides the latest anime titles from various genres for free. Through this website, you can enjoy watching your favorite anime directly via streaming, or download and watch them offline at any time from this website.

The Moenime anime site is quite popular among anime fans as it provides various anime series with Indonesian subtitles, which helps anime fans in the country to understand the storyline of every anime title they watch on the platform. Moenime is also one of the most complete anime streaming platforms. Starting from popular titles such as Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Attack on Titan, Boruto, to some of the latest anime titles, all of them can be found here, complete with Indonesian subtitles.

Features on Moenime

Apart from providing lots of anime from various existing genres, Moenime also offers numerous features for its users to enjoy. These features include:

Some anime lovers use free sites to watch or download their favorite anime . Sites like Moenime , Samehadaku and Oploverz are usually your mainstay when you want to enjoy anime. However, please note that the site is illegal. So, this time Hops.ID will share 5 sites that can be used to watch and download anime.


The first website is Crunchyroll, which is a place to watch licensed Japanese anime online so it is very, very safe and comfortable. On Crunchyroll you can see various cool anime from Japan. The anime collection on the Crunchyroll website is also complete and is constantly updated by Crunchyroll.

However, you don’t just watch anime on Crunchyroll. Through you can also read manga and the latest news about anime from Japan. So, don’t just use Tachiyomi or MangOwl to read manga, friends.

The Crunchyroll website could be the best and most suitable option for those of you who want to get a cool and all-in-one service for watching anime and reading quality manga.


The next website is WeTv, boss. Who doesn’t know WeTv? Of course some of you already understand the WeTV platform, right? As an application for watching Japanese Anime online, on WeTV you can also watch manga too.

Regarding anime, there are various collections of Japanese anime videos that WeTv presents. You can enjoy the entire collection available for free. However, only a few episodes, really.

If you want the complete package on WeTV, you have to subscribe to WeTv, gang. You can enjoy all episodes of your favorite anime directly. For WeTv subscription news, you can access it on Google.


Anoboy Media does provide lots of good and cool anime, but Anoboy is illegal. So, on the iQIYI website or platform, it doesn’t just provide a collection of the latest exciting Chinese dramas and Korean dramas, you know. But there is also a collection of Japanese anime that are trending and you should watch them too.

So, on iQIYI, you can watch tak op. Destiny, One Piece, Boruto, Hunter x Hunter, Mushoku Tensei, and others, all of which you can watch officially on iQIYI!

The iQIYI platform is not only available in the form of an application, boss, but there is also a site or website that can be accessed more simply. On iQIYI, there is some anime content that you can watch for free too. But the others are in the form of VIP content, which means you have to pay.


After iQIYI and others above, there is also Viu, a site that provides the most popular Indonesian sub-anime from various genres. There are adventure anime, slice of life, action, and isekai.

Some of the famous ones are Detective Conan, Demon Slayer, Black Clover, and Takt Op. Destiny. The Viu site is easy to access and use, and it’s really free!

Indonesian Muse

Next there is a cool channel called Muse Indonesia which is quite unique because it is based on YouTube. This provider of Indonesian sub anime is one that is very popular with many anime lovers from Japan.

Of course, because you don’t need to pay any subscription fees. You can immediately watch all the cool and varied anime on their channel. Don’t worry, because everything is official or legal!

The latest cool anime options available there are God of High School, Super Cub, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and many more.

Ani-One Asia

Just like Muse Indonesia, Ani One Asia is also a channel for watching anime with Indonesian subtitles which provides content on their YouTube.

At Ani One Asia, you can find various kinds of cool and exciting anime which of course you can watch for free, without any hassle! Among others, there is Takt Op. Destiny, Lupine the 3rd, Remake Our Life, and so on.


Well, the next one is on Netflix. Not only is it famous for its series or Hollywood films, Netflix also provides a wide selection of famous anime titles that are cool and fun to watch, bro.

Some of them are Netflix original anime, such as “Japan Sinks”, “Spy x Family”, “B: The Beginning”, “Devilman Crybaby”, and many others.

Netflix itself has indeed announced a partnership with 4 anime creation studios Science SARU, ANIMA COMPANY, and MAPPA from Japan, owner of NAZ, and Studio Mir based in Korea to entertain anime fans in all corners of the world.

How to Solve “Website Cannot Be Accessed” on Moenime


If you experience an issue where the site cannot be opened or accessed, there are several possible things that occur. To name a few: an unstable internet connection, bugs, etc. But no worries though, as here are some ways to deal with errors on Moenime:

Change Your Internet Network

The first possible cause is an unstable network. You can try checking what network is currently being used and then change the network connection to a more stable one.

Clear Browser Cache

Next, you can also delete the cache in your browser. A browser that accumulates too many junk files may lead to bugs and errors in accessing Moenime.

Try to Access the Site Periodically

One of the reasons why you can’t access Moenime could also be that the website is experiencing a bug. If so, you can wait until the bug is removed and the site to recover before accessing it.

Is Moenime Legal?

So far, Moenime is a safe website to access, but Moenime is not a legal anime streaming site. So, accessing it may also make your device prone to viruses or malware that may be harmful. It’s a good idea for you to use official and legal sites to watch anime if you have doubts about this one. As official, legal sites are certainly safer to access if you want to watch your favorite anime series.