Jojoy Stumble Guys is a game, you can download Stumble Guys game on Jojoy Up. Jojoy is an app where you can download games. In this article we can download and play Stumble Guys. Full details are written here.

About the Stumble Guys Game:

This stumbleguys games is with parkour, there are many different types of parkour in each round. You have to finish the parkour and avoid them to finish the game. This game started with 32 people, 16 people qualify in the first round, and quLIFY with eight people in the second round, and the winning process is completed in the 3rd round. If you ever lose, there is a chance to start the game again from the beginning, so it is very important to complete the task and win by crossing the parkour carefully until the game is over. This game is very interesting and exciting, children love to play it. Apart from children, adults also like to play this game because it is very colorful to look at.

Game Process 

The stumbleguys game consists of 3 rounds.
The game starts with 32 members.
16 members should be qulifiy in 1 round.
8 members should be qulifiy in round 2
3 The red round contains the winding.

Categories of Game


When we go to the same main page we have a category called shop. In it we can buy characters for free and paid as well, under which the related prices are also mentioned and apart from that we get germs-tokens as a bonus when we buy some of them. With that, we can select some characters in the game as well
1. Claim your free gift! MrBeast Emote! – ఫ్రీ
2. Claim your free gift! MrBeast Emote! -1500/-
3. reestyle Jimmy Mythic Stumbler + 3800 Gems
4. reestyle Jimmy Mythic Stumbler + 3800 Gems
5Cupid Jimmy Legendary Stumbler + 2400 Gems
The Vault
1. Ultimate Ninja Bundle! Get ALL Ninja Stumblers and the Fire Punch Special Emote
2. Dark Firefist Special Stumbler + 1000 Gems
3. Golden Sensei Special Stumbler + 1000 Gems
4. Ramen Special Stumbler + 1000 Gems
5. Ninjacopter Legendary Stumbler + 500 Gems
6. Furiken Legendary Stumbler + 500 Gems
7. 0ni Legendary Stumbler + 500 Gems
8. Ninja Jiro Legendary Stumbler + 500 Gems
9. Ninja Ryu Epic Stumbler + 250 Gems


News Tips
If you have any new updates here, we will have a chance to see them in these new tips. Recently Legendary Laser Dash is Here! Newly updated. That means they keep introducing more new items in the rounds. We can see the related updatsion in the news step.

Watch Online 

This game is also shown live here where we can play live with them and or watch and enjoy.


Apart from downloading Jojoy Stumble Guys games in this app, we can also go directly to the Stumble Guys website to know the complete details and play the game.