Making the decision to redesign your website should not result from a fit. Instead, taking this step requires a real need and a previous strategy to achieve a specific objective.

In general, the purpose of a website is to get leads, and for this, the website must work correctly on any device, the content must be up to date, and other essential details that we will see in this post must be taken into account.

6 Reasons Why you Need to Redesign your Website

Sometimes the redesign of a website involves a lot of time since it will be necessary to review all the content (text, images, graphics) that you have and sometimes even create it from scratch.

However, taking this step is necessary when specific signals are given. Here we see the most important:

1) Your website does not get customers

A website that does not convert remains useless. Even if you attract traffic, if the visitors do not end up taking the action you want, you will be losing money.

Therefore, if your website’s conversion rate is low (you can configure it in Google Analytics), you should consider redesigning your site.

2) Web Design is Old

Web Design is Old

To know if your design has become obsolete, look at the competition. This way, you will discover what design aspects you need to implement.

The average time to redesign a web page is 2 years.

If you are one of those who thinks that a website can last 5-6 years without changes, let us tell you that you are wrong and that your competition will eat you.

Therefore, it is likely that you will need to make some changes related to your corporate identity. Some of the actions that you will have to execute to give a more current image are:

  • New logo or readjustment of the old logo.
  • New corporate colours.
  • Include photos of real people (if you show yours, the better).
  • More illustrations.
  • Change the texts, revise your copy and add new calls to action.
  • Includes landing pages for services or products.

3) Your Marketing Objective Has Changed

Imagine that you started your project with a blog, where you had the objective of positioning yourself as an expert in your area to be a reference.

The thing went so well that you decided to go from a blog to a web page where you can show your services. And portfolio and offer your satisfied clients’ testimonials.

This change from blog to web brings with it new goals. And for that, a complete redesign is essential. But, of course, the same happens with those blogs that become e-commerce.

4) Now, your Value Proposition Is Different

If you offered service when you started your business, and now you no longer sell it because you have specialized more in another area, you must communicate it to your audience.

Here your home page must make your message clear. In other words, at a glance, when the user enters your website. They should know who you are, what you do, and how you vary from the rest, followed by a call to action to a form, for example.

5) Your Customers Complain about the Web Performance

Usability is another critical factor to consider on your website. Issues such as an unintuitive menu, erroneous contact forms, information that is not easily accessible, and links or calls to actions that do not work are reasons you should rethink a new design.

If the visits you receive do not have a pleasant experience, they will likely go to the competition to look for what they have not found on your website.

6) You Hire a Designer Who Hasn’t done a Good Job

Hiring a designer with little experience in the sector is one of the most common mistakes you can make when hiring the development of a website.

Many clients are frustrated by the disastrous result they get. And they have turned to MadridNYC to redesign their entire website.

The use of incoherent typography, pixelated images, the absence of a corporate image. Slow loading speed, or lack of taste is some of the web design errors that we have come across.

If you identify with only one of these reasons, you should seriously consider redesigning your page. And although you need time, money, and a defined strategy, keep one thing in mind. You will only evolve with your business if you implement improvements, optimize it and take current trends.


When a web page’s design, image, and identity are out of date, we need to redesign it. Here we are not referring to having to redesign your website simply because someone does not like the current design.