Set a timer for 14 minutes. Free and easy to use countdown timer. Set the hour, minute and second for the reverse Timer online and activate it. Otherwise, you can set the date and time to count days, hours, minutes, and seconds until (or after) the event.

How does the 14 Minute Timer work?

The online Timer allows you to count down the time (count down hours, minutes and seconds).

Once the counter reaches zero, when 14 minutes have already passed, an alarm is activated to warn that it has finished.

Button operation:

  • Start: Starts the countdown (in hours, minutes and seconds).
  • Pause: Pause the countdown. Once paused, you can restart the Timer or restart again.
  • Restart: This allows you to restart the online Timer and restart the countdown from the initial time.
  • Edit: It allows you to edit the timer settings. The initial values ​​(hours, minutes and seconds) and the alarm sound can be reset when the counter reaches zero.

You can also see it on full screen if you click on the arrows at the top right of the Timer.

In addition, unlike other online timers, if you use other tabs in your browser, the countdown continues to work and counts the time accurately.

Edit Countdown from 14 Minutes

Keep in mind that although the Timer has a 14-minute countdown, you can edit the settings and customize the counter with the time you prefer and when you want.

Regarding the alarm that sounds when the programmed event occurs, you can choose several sounds in the configuration screen and try them. Thus, you can select the melodies you like the most when the alarm sounds.

How Can you Set a Timer on your Computer?

Windows 11 operators can use the default clock app, which also comes with an alarm and stopwatch. Mac users would have to install a timer app from the App Store. Users who do not want to install a timer program can use Online Timer.

What is the Online Timer?

Online Timer is an easy to use computer timer with an alarm for those who want to set an online timer for a specific hour, a minute or a second.

How Can you Set a Timer Online?

Adjust the length of the timer countdown

  • Choose your alarm sound
  • Click “Start”

How does the Online Timer Work?

Once the timer has been set, the Online Timer counts down from a specific time and will sound an alarm when the time to be measured is up.

Where Can you Use the Online Timer?

As long as you have your computer linked to an internet connection, you can use the Online Timer for any activity. For example, you can set the Online Timer with an alarm sound when preparing and cooking a meal, learning, or laboratory.

The best Free Time Management Apps


Notes, notice, images, checklists. Anything you want! Evernote will store all that information and make it easily searchable using optical character recognition (OCR). Are you still a fan of pencil and paper? Please take a photo of your handwritten note and save it to Evernote for easy access and distribution.


If there’s one thing we have in mutual, you read your emails three to four times before clicking “Send”. Then you don’t reread them for fear of not having detected an apparent typographical error. Grammarly addresses that concern by acting as a second set of eyes on your writing. By pointing out all kinds of mistakes, from misused words to overused ones, this free app keeps a close eye on the grammar of your text so you can focus on the work that matters.

RescueTime _

We waste a ration of time on the Internet. This free time organization app tells you exactly what you spend your time on and how much time you’re wasting, so you can find a healthy balance between productivity and relaxation. Get detailed reports of time spent on specific websites, record achievements and completed tasks, and discover how much time you apply in meetings and email so you can better manage your workday.

The Best Time Management Apps for iPhone


If the most challenging thing for you is to stick to multiple calendars and schedules, this app is for you. Fantastical 2 is a time management calendar application that imports your calendar appointments and meetings and presents them in a summary list below a monthly or weekly view. So you can easily switch from one idea to another.


We’ve all heard that it takes about three weeks to make or break a habit. Perhaps the accuracy of this statement is not very clear, but the truth is that patterns are undeniably challenging to change. This app helps you disrupt bad habits and encourage good ones by following new routines.


Clear your mind with Todoist. This app organizes and distributes your tasks from household chores to the shopping list so that you only have to do them. In addition, this app interprets natural language, so if you type “make cupcakes tomorrow at 6 pm”, it will automatically add the task to your calendar.


Welcome to our 1 hour, 14 minutes timer. Press the start key to initiate the countdown. When the red circle reaches zero, you will remain alerted through a sound. If you do not wish to stay acoustically alerted, you may mute the 1 hour 14 minutes timer. Note that this 1 hour 14 minutes alert can be paused, resumed, and restarted using the designated buttons. For example, if you hit restart, you set the timer for 1 hour, and 14 minutes. Below we explain how our circles work.