Set the Alarm at 6:50 this free alarm clock will wake you up on time. Set the hour and minutes of the alarm clock. The alarm message will appear and the preselected sound will be played at the set time.

The Alarm does not go off at the scheduled time

Do the following to resolve the issue:

If You Are Using A Third PartyAlarm App

  • If the background app is prohibited or stopped from running, no alarm will be triggered from this app. To resolve it, do the following:
  • Allow the app to start mechanically and run in the background.
  • Open Settings, search for and access Start, turn off the switch next to the app, and turn it back on. Ensure the Autostart, Secondary startup, and Run in background options are enabled.
  • In EMUI 5. This issue can also occur if the Close apps when the screen is locked option is enabled or if the Clean function in Phone Manager has been used .

Alarm Does Not Sound In Secondary User Mode Or In Guest Mode

If alarms set by a secondary or guest user do not sound after a reboot:

By design, your phone will switch to Proprietor style after a reboot, Set the Alarm for 6 50 by any secondary or guest users will not sound.

If Alarms Don’t Sound After Switching Secondary Users

  • When multiple secondary users have been added, the alarms set through the owner and the last selected secondary user will be active if your phone is currently in Owner mode. Likewise, if your phone is currently in secondary user mode, alarms set by this specific user and owner will be active.
  • If alarms do not sound after exiting Guest mode.
  • Alarms set by the guest will not sound in the owner or secondary user modes. Therefore, it is recommend to configure alarms in Owner mode.
  • If your case remains not listed above, please refer to the If the Alarm does not sound when activated section below to learn how to solve the problem.

If an Alarm does Not Sound on Holidays

Check that the App Lock option is not enable in the Calendar app. Otherwise, the Alarm application will not be able to get the holiday information from the Calendar, which will cause this problem.

If The Alarm does Not Sound When Activated

The Alarm tone volume may be too low, or your phone may be in Silent mode. Do the following to resolve the issue:

Adjust the alarm volume

Go to Settings > Sounds / Sounds & vibration, drag the slider to adjust the alarm volume. Next, check if the alarm tone file can be play correctly. If it cannot play properly, please select another tone file.

Disable Flip to Mute

Open Settings, search for and access Flip, and check if the Mute timers and alarms feature is enable. If so, disable it. (If you don’t find Flip / Mute Timers and Alarms options, your phone doesn’t support this feature.)

How Can you Set An Alarm on a Computer?

It depends on your operating system. On some systems, you might find this feature in the Clock app, where you can also set the timer or measure time with the stopwatch. However, the only universal solution to fix the Alarm on your laptop or desktop is to use an online alarm.

What is the Online Alarm?

Online Alarm is an online digital alarm that helps you wake up and ensure you don’t oversleep. All you need to access this Alarm for free is your computer and an internet connection.

How does the Online Alarm Work?

This computer alarm has its software to sound an alarm at a particular time. So you don’t feel it essential to install anything or do anything other than set the Alarm.

How Can you Usual an Alarm Online?

  • Enter the time you need to wake up
  • Choose your alarm sound
  • If you have trouble waking up, you can optionally set a repeat alarm
  • Click “Set the alarm.”

Does the Online Alarm Work if I Close this Tab?

No, this computer alarm doesn’t work if you close this tab. However, you can open another account, and the Alarm will still work as long as you don’t close this tab.

Does the Online Alarm Work When the Computer is in Sleep Mode?

No, the Alarm will not work if your computer is in sleep mode. But, if only your screen is turn off, the Online Alarm will still work on some devices. If you are not sure that your operating system issues the Alarm with the screen off, it is recommend to leave it on and not risk being woken up late by the computer’s Alarm.