Set a timer for 11 minutes: Free and easy-to-use countdown timer. Set the Hour, Minute and second for the reverse timer online and activate it. Alternatively, you can set the date and time to count days, hours, minutes, and seconds until (or after) the event.

How to Use the Timer?

All you essential to do is choose the time interval and start the timer. There are three types of timers available: seconds, minutes, and hours. The user can choose the time interval for his demand. Choose the timer -> put a note -> select an alarm -> start and you’re done.

Computer timers are handy in different scenarios. A chef or cook may need a timer to prepare a delicious recipe. An athlete can use the stopwatch to measure how many push-ups they can do during a 1-minute break. And a student may need a timer when taking online courses. And a player may need a computer timer to let him know that it’s time to get out of the game and rest. If you are similar to the site,  add it to your beloveds.

Most People Can Move 11 Minutes A Day

While 35 minutes of exercise a day is better for your health, a lower barrier to entry brand it easier to get even the most inactive among us moving and still increases your life expectancy.

The easiest way is to walk outside or on the treadmill at your local gym. Walking is one of the best exercises. However, with winter weather keeping many people indoors and COVID-19 pandemic restrictions limiting access to public gyms, more creative and accessible means of effectively spending your 11 days may be needed. Minutes at home.

Do 4 Sets Of A 3-Minute Bodyweight Exercise Sequence

Four three-minute rounds add up to 12 minutes, but that’s okay: you can handle the extra Minute. Depending on the exercises you use, you can go at a slightly different pace during each round, so it’s about 11 minutes long.

When selecting your exercises, try to choose a sequence of movements that equates to a moderate-effort, full-body workout. For example, avoid doing only upper body movements unless you plan to do lower body movements the next day.

Ideally, do a combo: Determine the number of reps for each exercise based on your fitness level, and stick to a three-minute sequence for the period.

Example of a three-minute exercise sequence:

  • 10 to 25 push-ups
  • 25 to 40 bodyweight squats
  • One minute jogging on the spot

Do a Yoga Routine

Yoga can be a great way to move your body while relieving stress and fostering your mind-body connection. If you’ve remained practising yoga for a while, you should be able to roll out your rug, set a timer for 11 minutes, and do some sun salutations or any number of combinations of your favourite yoga poses.

If you are new to yoga, don’t be concerned. A quick search for “11 minutes of yoga” on YouTube brings up multiple free options for you to follow.

Alternatively, you can keep it simple and practice one of my Minute MoFlows 11 times. These minute-long, yoga-inspired mobility sequences revenue your body through basic movements in all planes of motion.

It is my favourite way to fit 11 minutes of a drive into my day. There are few belongings as fun and also,  liberating as dancing to your favourite songs in the ease of your own home. And when you’re home unaided, you don’t have to dance like anyone is watching; no one is looking! It’s just you and also, the beat. It only receipts three or four songs to hit the 11-minute threshold, so let go of your inhibitions and go with the flow.

Want Some Ideas for your Playlist?

Here are three upbeat songs to become you moving that will do your 11 minutes:

  • “Happy”, de Pharrell Williams (3:52)
  • “Uptown Funk”, de Mark Ronson, con Bruno Mars (4:30)
  • “HandClap”, de Fitz and the Tantrums (3:13)

If you live in a house, dancing alone may not always be an option. So add some family bonding time and mental health benefits by having a family dance party.

See how informal it is to fit in 11 minutes of daily exercise? You can do it. You owe it to yourself after spending the past year. Although no one can give you a 2020 refresh, you can make up for a lost time by adding slightly more to your lifespan.

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