What is Social Media Marketing?

Before we look at platforms, let’s quickly explain the term. “Social media marketing” creates and shares content precisely for each social platform with specific goals in mind. These goals can range from gaining more exposure through actions such as “likes” and “shares” to increasing the amount of traffic to your website. It’s also an excellent method to keep the conversation going about your business or to provide quality support to your customers.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create content for each platform to meet your marketing strategy and satisfy consumers simultaneously.

Why is Social Media Relevant to Your Business?

Today, businesses need to live and breathe social media to prove that they exist in the online world. But, in addition to existing, there are countless benefits to making the most of this virtual universe. For example, social media thrives on communities and allows you to implement a flexible marketing strategy and customize your profile to fit your brand image. Plus, you can promote your brand directly to potential targeted customers at little or no cost to your Business (unless you choose to promote content).

Another great advantage of social networks is that your company can be expose to different public types. To reach a wide variety of age groups, personalities, and geographic locations, you need to start. With the most popular social networks with the most users: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. From there, you can focus on platforms that best meet the needs of your audience and your business, so you don’t waste your resources. As we have pointed out on several occasions, social networks are beneficial in any marketing plan. In this article, we will break down the individual features of each platform.


Essentially, Facebook is now synonymous with a “social networking platform” for most people since it replaced Myspace in the early 2000s. The internet community gives users the ability to connect quickly and share news and photos with their family and friends online. Companies use this platform to engage these users by sharing relevant information hoping that they will become potential customers. One of the many advantages of Facebook is that it offers a wealth of data for businesses to work with. Additionally, business accounts can also target consumers through advertisements.


If you want to understand what kind of numbers we are talking about here, pay attention: With its large number of monthly active users, in theory. Facebook could be the largest country globally, surpassing even China to reach nearly a billion people. Unfortunately, Facebook is no longer the most popular kid on the block. However, Mark Zuckerberg’s platform is working hard to stay relevant by introducing new features almost every month.

Predominant Content Type

Facebook does not have a dominant functionality. Many people turn to this platform for a wide variety of needs. It can be visiting a new restaurant, looking for apartments for rent in gresham or, seeking advice in a group, posting photos from their recent vacations, updating their love status, sending private messages to an old friend, or browsing for hours watching culinary videos without thinking about anything else.

Regular News Posts

Here, you can share text, links to articles, images, videos, and GIFs. Once you’ve posted, it will be visible on your profile page and your friends’ feed (where you can share your posts and see your followers’ posts).

Group Posts

Similar to the previous concept of posting to regular Pages, you can share the same type of content within a specific Facebook group rather than publicly on your Page. Recently, group posts are becoming more discoverable with the Facebook algorithm (the determining factor of who sees your posts in your feed and when).

Facebook Stories

These are a form of temporary content. So, for example, you can upload photos and videos, but they’re only “live” for 24 hours, and then they’re gone.

Facebook Live

It is the most significant way to attract viewers’ attention. Today, Facebook Live has acquired a form of transmission of its own. However, it remains a place to share live videos gratified with your followers, giving them the experience. That they are there at the same time as your company.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is your place if you want to send a message outside the public space. Here you can chat with customers, such as through customer support or Messenger advertising and marketing.

Facebook Events  If you’re planning to host a special event, Facebook Events is the residence to promote it. Here you can share the time, position, and details and invite everyone in your online social circle. It’s also the most convenient place to send reminders and promote your event.


Social media marketing uses social media stages and websites to encourage a product or service. Although e-marketing and digital marketing are still leading in academia, social media marketing is fetching more popular among practitioners and researchers.

It is a technique that involves positioning actions, brand diffusion, and even sales processes in social networks. It is about finding your audience on social networks to present your brand in people’s daily lives.