Chat SDK

Chat SDK or Software Development Kit lets you add instant messaging to your Android or iPhone application. From creating your Slack alternative to starting a simple live chat web app, this software kit helps you with everything that can kind instant messaging easy.

It also comes with message attachments,  Giphy additions,  and great slash commands to make your web chat experience more engaging. Finally, it gives its users the freedom to communicate instantly, allowing you to build a community slowly and steadily.

What Makes the Chat SDK Different?

Three things separate the Chat SDK from any other software development kit:

First of all, it’s an open-source platform, and it doesn’t cost a dime. It gives you complete information about your user data and end-to-end control of all the code involved in the configuration.

It comes with a quick integration feature where you become a complete UI framework. The demo also helps you comprehend how to get the most out of this kit efficiently.

It offers a modular architecture for advanced users to customize their interface framework.

You can think of the Chat SDK as the source of almost all types of programs that modern users often interact with. For example, the  CometChat chat SDK  provides text chat, video calls, etc. So, from live chats in video games to quick messaging in your web browser, everything works in the Chat SDK.

Chat SDK Features

Public Rooms

You can create public rooms with the Chat SDK. There are tons of built-in themes that you can assign for different chats. Of course, it helps to know in advance what the topic of discussion is about.

Private and Group Chats

In addition to public rooms, you can also create private and group chats with this software development kit. There is no maximum on the number of private chats or the size of the group. You can even turn private conversations into group chats by inviting the respective user to the group.

Flexible Login

You can not only use the diary as an administrator from your Twitter, Facebook or email address but also anonymously. All you need to do remains authenticate your existing server with a custom authentication system.

Push Notifications

You get push notifications out of the box, meaning you’ll never miss a message from your private or group chats. It also allows you to customize your favourite push notification provider by setting different ringtones or allowing automatic media downloads.

Various Types of Messages

Chat SDK also supports picture, audio, location, text, and video messaging. In addition, you can also integrate a chat with your favourite type of message. For example, you can add stickers, GIFs, or quick text messages.

App Chat Apis and Sdks to Build A Secure Chat App

While the market is seeing new performers enter the fray, the top vendors stand out for many benefits, including the comfort of use, intuitiveness, and personalized experiences.


MirrorFly offers one of the most outstanding in-apps chat API and SDK answers. They provide modern chats for the web and applications with enhanced functionalities. These comprise 1-on-1 chats, group chats, file and screen sharing, broadcast messages, and multilingual translations. In addition, its chat application is enriched with features for users to have an engaging and interactive experience.

Highlights of MirrorFly App Chat Solution

  • Chat in the app
  • voice call
  • push notifications
  • Secure file transfer
  • multiple languages
  • end-to-end encryption
  • multichannel
  • Advanced search filters


Apphitect offers a multifaceted in-app chat messaging API for Android and iOS and web applications. The solution is customizable and easily integrates into existing applications. The features they provide include presence indication, geo-locations, media sharing, and more.

Highlights of Apphitect In-app Messaging API & SDK

  • Chat API for in-app communication
  • Secure document sharing
  • Voice and video calls
  • custom profiles
  • book meeting


CometChat enables an intuitive chat experience within an existing app. Their SDKs are cross-platform, making it easy to optimize for various devices without wasting time. In addition, CometChat offers these features right out of the box: voice and video calls, online prompts, media attachments, message searches, typing prompts, and the ability to edit or delete messages.

Highlights of the chat platform in the Cometchat app

  • In-app chat for patients, doctors, buyers, sellers
    • and group conversations
  • Rich Media Attachments
  • personalized messages
  • writing indicators


talk provides a comprehensive and scalable chat infrastructure that can be use for various clients and also,  industries. Real-time messaging software includes all the usual suspects, including file transfers, emojis, location sharing, etc.

Highlights of the messaging software in the TalkJS app

  • In-app chat and also, messaging solution
  • chat popup
  • Responsive, cross-browser user experience
  • Multi-Language
  • multiple channels
  • multiple groups
  • desktop notifications


Mexico is a lightweight, modular chat platform that enables real-time messaging, video and also, voice calls. In addition, they offer rich messaging, location sharing, presence and also, typing indicators, and push notifications. If a company needs to add more features, it can do so through the open-source code available on GitHub.

Mexico App Messaging Software Highlights

  • Secure communication in the app
  • Messaging, calls and conferences
  • local implementation
  • Send arbitrary binary/signalling data
  • group messaging


Chat SDK or Software Development Kit lets you send instant messaging on your Android or iPhone application. Give your alternate proprietary Slack an easy-to-use web chat application in vivo, this kit de Ayuda with all that can facilitate instant messaging.