We are talking about interactive content, a powerful resource that provides a unique experience to users and efficiently retains their attention.

It is already a trend for people to search not only for quality content but also for materials that add differentiated value. To match these expectations, you must produce content that builds a connection with your audience and captures their attention enough to drive an interaction or get them to take action.

What is Interactive Content?

As its name indicates, interactive content is an innovative way to generate commitment through creative content that encourages interaction by the user who acts on it. This type of content allows for more impactful experiences through attractive and optimized visual elements to provide valuable information to the reader and boost Engagement and conversion.

The main characteristic that defines interactive content is the need for action by the user, such as clicking, dragging the mouse, or some other type of command.

What Types of Interactive Content Exist?

What Types of Interactive Content Exist_

The range of interactive content is quite extensive, and, indeed, you have already come across some of them on the Internet at some point during your browsing.

Know the main types:

Interactive Videos

360º videos or those that require a command from the user are some of them. You can see an example in the video clip of the song Ink by Coldplay.

These interactive audiovisual materials also allow the user to choose different versions of the story presented in a device similar to the one made famous by the movie Bandersnatch.


Quizzes are similar to quizzes, but they generally feature more serious language and deeper content. The intention remains to entertain and help the consumer in his journey as a customer, giving him a good shopping experience.

At the beginning of your consumption journey, the questionnaire can help you identify your needs. Then, in the final part of the day, the material can help you by showing which solution you should adopt to solve your problem.


Instead of delivering a static PDF to your interview, how about creating interactive content to present information in an Ebook?

You can combine the text with videos, images, graphics, and animations. The consumption of an Ebook becomes much more exciting and pleasant when it is visually attractive and offers possibilities for interaction.

White Papers

White papers generally have more technical content than Ebooks and blog posts. They go straight to the point and function as a manual or guide to execute a strategy or action. However, making them interactive is a way to make this material more attractive and understandable.

This page, for example, presents the sections of a white paper on different pages, with buttons to navigate through the content.

Interactive Infographics

Interactive infographics combine relevant information (statistical data, case studies, reports, etc.) with animated visuals and user actions. Its format can also be applied to Ebooks and white papers .

An interesting example of an interactive infographic is the one made by Veracode, with educational information for web developers on application security.

Advantages of Interactive Content In Digital Marketing

Interactive content has been much more effective in capturing users’ attention, but this is not its only benefit.

Let’s talk about the main advantages of interactive content in a Digital Marketing strategy .

1. Increase Engagement

Currently, there is no better way to achieve success in the virtual world than by producing high-value. And quality content so that the public develops a commitment to your brand.

Interactive content is gaining prominence and becoming more and more essential to generate stimulation by making users advance, comment, share and, consequently, increase the rate of interaction.

2. Attract Qualified Leads

moreover, by definition, interactive content requires active participation on the part of the user.

It means that if someone has interacted with your content until the end, they likely have a genuine interest in what you are offering. Which proves that they are a qualified lead, or in other words, a potential client with a high conversion opportunity. .

3. Learn More About The Buyer Persona

While static content delivers relevant analytics, the power of interactive content is even greater. However, most interactive platforms integrate with marketing automation software and make it possible to know. Who is accessing the content and what kind of actions they take and what they mean in terms of behavior and interest.

This type of information allows the profile of the company’s buyer personas to be improved to further favor the efficiency of the conversion actions.

4. Diversify The Content

In general, we all know what the most traditional types of content are in a Digital Marketing strategy. Articles, Ebooks, and also, webinars are some examples.

And although they work pretty well, it never hurts to diversify and offer new formats to delight your audience. As you have seen before, there is a lot of interactive content option so you can offer a differentiated experience for different contexts and objectives.

5. Perform Longer

Static content can indeed be reuse, but interactive material usually has many more ways to stay active. Thanks to the various options and paths to explore, visitors can continue to find it useful for longer.

Interactive Content Works for What Types of Websites?

The best part of it is that, unlike traditional content, it can be applied to basically any website. The variety available allows you to select the most suitable formats for each channel.

Do you want a practical example? If before it didn’t make sense to write an article about your product in your e-commerce, now you can create a 360º video. So that people know all the features of the product with just a few clicks.

Get creative and look for means to include your interactive content on your different web pages.

You can use them in:

  • you e-commerce;
  • your institutional website;
  • your blog ;
  • en landing pages;
  • and much more.


Interactive content is content that requires active Engagement from its consumers. It empowers the individual to be more than. Just a passive viewer but an integral part of a dynamic, two-way experience.

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