Jobs in the technology sector, which had remained showing growing demand, took a huge bound in 2020 due to the confinements and the transformations that companies have been force to carry out to facilitate remote work.

Intensive Care

And owing to the health crisis, nurses, doctors and other experts and technicians in the health segment are more in demand than ever.

“The nurse specialized in intensive care was the most critical and most demanded job position in all the places,” explains Luz.

The nurse specialized in intensive care was the most critical and most demanded job position in all the places,” says Ramiro Luz.

In this context, the nation in the region that experienced the most significant demand for this professional was Brazil.

The Surprise of Real Estate and Electronic Commerce

In Mexico, the second leading economy in the section, an unexpected element seemed in the labour market in 2020.

“What has caught our care is that there remains a high demand for real estate professionals in Mexico,” says Luz.

Although the real estate sector received a decisive blow due to the coronavirus crisis, paradoxically, the need for a rapid adaptation of the stuff rental and sale business model was made.

On the one hand, “many company spaces were left vacant,” says the expert. But it is also real that with the reduction in interest taxes and the price of houses, the demand for workers in part rose 54% compared to 2019.

Desarrollador web “front-end y back-end.”

The former develops the software portion that interacts straight with users, while the latter process the information.

Data Engineer

Data engineers are responsible for finding styles in data sets and developing procedures to help make helpful basic information to the business.

This profession requires a deep understanding of database design and multiple programming languages.

Nurse – Jobs in the technology sector

In the face of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the job with the highest demand in the region remains that of a nurse specializing in intensive care.

However, the demand for doctors and all brand of health staff rose exponentially.

Outside the encouraging forecasts regarding the control of the pandemic, thanks to the massive vaccination processes. The rising demand for this kind of specialists and technicians is a trend that has accelerated in recent years.

Health Support Staff

The above is the need to have nursing assistants who help patients in their dusting, care, feeding. Medication administration and general assistance processes.

More experts specializing in rehabilitation, physical and respiratory treatment and people trained in the care of older adults are also needed.

Expert in Digital Marketing

Expert in Digital Marketing

As businesses were force to accelerate their digital transformation abruptly, jobs for social media marketers, digital marketing consultants, marking specialists, and marketing assistants also grew.

As more and more companies are closing brick-and-mortar stores and expanding their operations online. The demand for digital marketing experts has accelerated.

Director Or E-Commerce Coordinator

E-commerce has agreed to a boost the labour bazaar in the area.

Basically, the field of work remains very extensive because it contains everything from computer specialists. To people who perform functions in product storage and also, distribution centers.

The director or coordinator of electronic commerce, well known as “e-commerce manager”, is responsible for managing an electronic commerce project and understanding and regulatory. The online sales process from start to finish.

Customer Service Representative

With the rapid digitization of companies, the petition for all parts associated with customer service has also increased. Such as that of the company representative who responds to consumer requirements. And the supervisors and managers of the team that has this function.

Digital content generator

The Digital Content Creator position includes people who provide creative services. Such as copywriters, animators, illustrators, 3D artists, and video editors.

Business Development Specialist

A business development specialist or growth expert remains the professional in charge of identifying. However, new opportunities for a firm or directing a venture from its inception.

It is responsible for researching and also, creating new projects, managing the necessary resources for their implementation and putting initiatives into practice.

It is common for a business growth specialist to engender analytical models specific to a firm.


Jobs in the technology sector – The technology sector is the category of stocks relating to the research, development, or distribution of technologically based goods and also, services. This sector contains businesses revolving around manufacturing electronics, creating software, computers, or products and also, services relating to information technology.

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