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Nanotechnology Write for Us

Nanotechnology Write for UsNanotechnology, or nanotech, is a matter of atomic molecular and supramolecular scales mainly used for industrial purposes. The previous reference to nanotechnology is the specific technology for manipulating molecules and atoms to form huge products, but now referred to as molecular nanotechnology.

The national nanotechnology initiative established a detailed description of nanotechnology, which means that nanotechnology manipulates matter with a one-dimension size of 1 to 100 nanometers. The size of nanotechnology is broad, including some of the fields like organic chemistry, surface science, molecular biology, energy storage, engineering, microfabrication, and molecular engineering.

Scientists are trying to implement nanotechnology because it may help create new materials and devices with a vast range of applications like nanoelectronics, nanomedicine, biomaterials of energy production, and consumer products. And also, it may have been issued that because of its toxicity and the impact on the environment on nanomaterials and the effects on global economics, there is a debate if the nanotechnology is warranted.

Nanotechnology control and understands the matter on the nanometer scale. The nanometer scale may help in exhibiting the properties of materials. Changing the material’s size changes the color because, in the nanaometer scale particles, the atom s arrangement reflects the light differently, as gold may appear purple or dark red. At the same time, the silver seems amber color or yellowish.

Types of Nanomaterials

Natural nanomaterials: the name itself says that this occurs naturally. It has the particles which make the volcanic ash: smoke and some of our body’s molecules like blood and hemoglobin. The colors of the peacock feather are the result of the space that is present between the nanometer scale on the surface.

Artificial nanomaterials: these are formed by the objects that process or are made by people, like exhaust from fossil fuel burnings and pollution. In comparison, these may happen to be nanomaterials.

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