The HubSpot Program for Startups comes up with the premise of helping companies adapt faster to the competition’s molds to gain a competitive advantage with marketing and BI.

All this is very valid for startups, as they are a new market model that is already quite heated, and focused on innovation .

We created this article to explain the program, its features, and its advantages with that in mind. Good reading!

Program Hubspot for Startups

It was created to develop the agile growth of new companies during the initial stages, with marketing methodologies to expand sales.

Some of its essential services involve access to specific HubSpot Academy training and courses and integrations with over 300 tools.

In this way, HubSpot understands the challenges startup founders face when building a brand and gaining the necessary attention with their products/services. Therefore, the program helps with guidelines and tools for startups to train their entrepreneurs.

What are the Services Offered?

Here, we will present the main features that the program adds to your brand. Follow up!

Educational Resources

You will have access to content, masterclasses, training and support 24 hours a day so that your startup wins more leads quickly. In addition to having world-class support from the experts at HubSpot, and an on-start onboarding experience, during the first 30 days.

Professional Software

Professional Software

HubSpot is a complete suite of marketing, sales and customer service software , with a free CRM at its core.

Integrated Platform for Startups

It gives you access to 300+ integrations, including Stripe, Zapier, and more. In addition, they integrate with HubSpot, so you can scale your resources and grow your business quickly.

Imagine that your company does events using Eventbrite and needs to put attendee information in HubSpot. It will be possible with an integration. To see what integrations are available, head over to the HubSpot Marketplace.

Which category is suitable for my startup?

The program assigns two types of use according to the expectations of each company. Check out!

Early Stage Startups

Here, the main requirements to comply are:

At least 12 months with the company after going through a HubSpot partner incubator or accelerator;

  • have less than $1 million in funding;
  • have less than $1 million in revenue;
  • less than 10,000 contacts;
  • is not an existing HubSpot customer;
  • not be a marketing agency.

Series a Startups

In this case, the necessary criteria are:

  • have received funding from one of HubSpot’s venture capital firms within six months of the filing date;
  • have no funding limit or revenue amount;
  • provide SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission) documents or some evidence showing the funding date.

How do Packages Work?

First, use HubSpot’s calculator to assess which package best fits your company’s expectations. Next, check out the packages offered.


  • attract more targeted traffic to your pages;
  • convert visitors into qualified leads ;
  • close deals with less effort;
  • Satisfy customers to maximize value.

Growth Pack

  • contacts, customer data, dashboards and reports — all in one place;
  • track the entire sales and marketing funnel ;
  • deliver flawlessly and quickly;
  • customize your approach from first contact to final sale.

Sales & CRM

  • discover more leads in less time;
  • open your emails and answer customer questions;
  • hold more meetings and do business well;
  • focus on the right offers and reach your goals.

What are the Benefits of Purchasing the Program?

While there are many platforms to optimize startup strategies and growth, the HubSpot Startup Program still stands out. Understand why!

Integration and Training

A benefit that can be put to good use is employee training, since investing in this area is extremely important. It boosts employee engagement and consolidates the company’s culture, resulting in positive effects on productivity.

Therefore, with the HubSpot Program for Startups, you have access to several courses to develop the necessary qualification, which influences the best performances of employees.

With certifications, your company gains notoriety in the market to attract more customers, as they will trust the technical capacity of the team.

Special Startup Prices

The values ​​vary according to the category in which your company is insert to obtain the services, as explained above. Startups that have reached more than $2 million in funding up to Series A are eligible for 50% off their first year and 25% off in subsequent years.

In the case of those with less than US$ 2 million in the financing, they are entitled to a 90% discount in the first year, 50% in the second and 25% in the following years.

Grow Together With HubSpot

One of the reasons HubSpot is great for Startups is because the platform can grow with your business. You can start with a simple subscription with fewer features to upgrade subscription tiers later as your business needs grow.

As your team and budget start to increase, your HubSpot usage will also grow. As a result, you’ll know when to boost your subscription level. Of course, this also occurs when you reach capacity limits or realize that there are additional necessary or desirable features that can only be access at a higher level.


The program consists of a compromise of 12 months, and if you decide to continue the subscription, we guarantee a discount of 50% for the second time. In addition, HubSpot helps you to create easy-to-use pages, including electronic blogs and personalized content.

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